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  1. Khloe hints at Lamar's problems; Bernard's naughty; Scott's in Kris's bad books.
  2. Disabled man robbed of mobility scooter in Hove
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Unfortunately, she then discovers the spiky collar on her pooch and storms over to Malibu to confront Bruce. She's quite right - it's up to her to train her own dog, and to decide whether to use something potentially harmful.

Khloe hints at Lamar's problems; Bernard's naughty; Scott's in Kris's bad books.

Anyway it's all over pretty quickly as Bruce comes round to her point of view and they make up. Khloe's feeling left out by Kourtney and Kim and all their baby talk - basically, they don't listen to anything she says - which makes Kim decide to help Khloe pursue her dream of starting a family. Both she and Kris agree that something must be holding Khloe back, because otherwise she'd be doing anything and everything she could to have children.


Still, Kim won't be deterred so she asks Khloe to advise her to see an adoption attorney. In confessionals, Khloe tells us that she's not ready to continue with fertility treatment - "There are some things that not everybody knows - me and Lamar are the only people who do need to know that" - but agrees to see an adoption lawyer just to stop Kim's nagging.

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Mind you, when Kim pushes it, she storms off in anger. At the adoption lawyer meeting, Khloe does have a few questions but her heart's obviously not in it - "Right now I'm at a place in my life where there are a lot of moving parts. Lamar doesn't know where he's going to play basketball, and it's complicated.

Anyway, Khloe does decide to go and get her fertility checked - just so she knows what's going on and she appreciates Kim's persistence, really. She's quite nervous, and things don't improve when she gets a strange phone call from Lamar just before she sees the doctor.

Disabled man robbed of mobility scooter in Hove

The news from the doctor is actually good - Khloe could carry a pregnancy now - but Khloe's so unexcited it's heartbreaking. Things get even more uncomfortable when Khloe is eating lunch with Kylie and gets some odd phone calls from Lamar, who seems to be paranoid about where she is. Khloe stays really calm and tells him he's tired and how it can't be logical that she's anywhere but at her mother's, but it's so hard to see how sad she seems. She's there with Kylie, too, who seems worried, but Khloe can't really tell her anything.

It's hardest seeing Khloe talk to the camera about Lamar's "emotional issues" and how he's a "very depressed" person. It's impossible not to feel bad for the couple - let's hope things take a turn for the better soon. Type keyword s to search. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Akira to get new TV series adaptation.

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Sign up. Show More Results. Jaguar confirms that the I-Pace team is building an electric XJ. Gogoro brings its on-demand electric scooter rentals to Taiwan. Latest in Gear. Image credit: Uber. Sponsored Links.

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