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  1. Translation of the Brothers' Grimm's earliest editions reveals a darker side
  2. 30 Modern Twists on the Fairy Tales You Know and Love
  3. Once Upon a Time | The New Yorker
  4. Adult Fairy Tales Remake
If you like birds (why wouldn’t you like birds?)

This woman was built from heady stuff , and although she was protected in a palace by a watchful father and surrounded by ladies-in-waiting, she was sought by a man named Zal. He had heard of her great beauty and traveled to her palace. Rudaba was not under such heavy guard as St. Barbara; she consulted her ladies-in-waiting and asked their advice about this stranger at the palace wall. They all seemed to feel he was worthy of her, so she unfurled her long hair, and he climbed up it.

They sat on the palace roof, and talked without a chaperone. This was unacceptable behavior and scandalous.

Translation of the Brothers' Grimm's earliest editions reveals a darker side

Zal was smitten with her, of course, and he consulted his advisers about Rudaba. They advised he speak with his father first.

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Zal reminded his father of a promise he had made to deny his son nothing. The father consented for astrologers to divine whether a marriage between Zal and Rudaba would prosper.

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Finally, he was told a son would result from the union of Zal and Rudaba; thus, his blessing was bestowed. Zal and Rudaba married in Kabul where they had met. She was soon pregnant. Her labor was agonizing; the baby named Rostam was huge, and Rudaba was near death. Zal cast a magic feather into a fire, and a mystical image appeared that described to him how to do a caesarean section. Thus, he saved the life of Rudaba and the baby.

Finally, Giovan Battista Basile the same Italian who originated the more graphic Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty stories also featured Petrosinella , a presage to Rapunzel, in This story tells of a pregnant woman desiring some parsley from the garden of an ogress. Having been caught stealing the luscious parsley, the pregnant woman has to promise her unborn baby to the ogress.

The child is not given over until she is seven years old, however. The rest of the story follows as expected there is a chase scene in this one with the ogress running Petrosinella to ground but then getting eaten by a wolf. Thus, Catherine-Rose had three cultic figures from which to form the rudiments of Persinette. The story opened with a happily married couple; the wife was pregnant. A fairy lived nearby and had many exotic fruits and vegetables in a garden. Among the produce was parsley imported by the fairy from India! He quickly stole a fistful of parsley and ran off with it. His wife became covetous of the parsley.

The deal was struck to give the fairy the baby when it arrived in exchange for all the parsley the wife could want this was a deal made by the husband without consulting his wife. Before absconding with the baby, the fairy anointed it with magic water, thus ensuring Persinette as she was named by the fairy would be the most beautiful girl in the world. Her closets were beautiful, as much as those of the queens of Asia, and there was not a [style of dress] that it was [not] the first to have.

She was alone in this beautiful living room, where she had nothing to be desired but company. Time passed. Persinette painted and played musical instruments. The view from her tower window was spectacular. Although the fairy flew out the window after installing Persinette in Credit: John Cowper the tower, it later climbed her hair to gain entry.

30 Modern Twists on the Fairy Tales You Know and Love

It was done up with ribbons of all colors to conveniently keep it neat. This was unfurled when the fairy called; it climbed up and into the tower as needed. Persinette sat by her window one day singing when a prince rode by and heard her. He gamboled a bit around the tower, but then Persinette withdrew, thinking perhaps he might be a monster of some kind, a changeling. The prince asked around the neighborhood and learned of the fairy and its ward in the tower. He determined to get at her.

He climbed up and surprised her. He seduced her and then offered to marry her. The overwhelmed girl agreed. The prince and she Credit: Walter Crane cavorted almost daily thereafter always at night to avoid detection by the fairy. This, of course, makes us think of the preeminent teller of fairy tales in our culture: Disney. The thing is, Disney is not the originator of the tales it tells. Mice named Mickey and ways to make people linger in his parks longer, for example. No, would lose so much money selling plastic ponchos when it rains. Before these stories could be told to impressionable young children via the Disney conduit, however, they had to be cleaned up and neutered.

Once Upon a Time | The New Yorker

The stories needed to get that oh-so-recognizable Disney formula — you know, the pretty Princesses have to find their perfect, handsome Princes, the big bad whatever must be thwarted, and everyone has to live happily ever after. In many cases, though, they also needed to undergo some massive changes to eliminate some horrifyingly dark details that you might never know exist in the originals if you only know the Disneyfied versions.

I think for the blue sword, which is also an excellent series. I enjoyed that one. I will have to come back and add more! Long story short: Fantasy setting where the old fairy tales try to repeat. If you set up the circumstances correctly, the story will play itself out along the basic plot. Three more books. Each in a different piece of the setting. I feel like this is part of a series of books that came out around the same time, but with different authors I remember this because they had similar cover art. Fun with misbehaving not THAT way princesses :.

I agree on checking out Sur La Lune. It has a great bibliography on modern retellings of fairy tales. Also quite funny, and I defy you not to love the thought of Red Riding Hood as a feared assassin. Had no idea it was a re-telling.

Rapunzel & Sleeping Beauty - ரபன்ஸ்ல் & நித்திரை அழகி - Tamil Princess Fairy Tales for Kids -

There was a discussion of this at DA on Friday. There was a review of the movie, and Deerskin by McKinley came up in the comments — with a range of opinions re Deerskin from beautiful to too upsetting to read. A middle eastern fairy tale that made an excellent romance — has a defiant heroine that sets off on a caravan to a distant city, evil uncle, secret identity, tests, friendship, and romance with a prince. Excellent must read! By posting a comment, you consent to have your personally identifiable information collected and used in accordance with our privacy policy.

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