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  1. Pedro Calderón de la Barca
  3. No Hay Burlas Con El Amor
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I would recommend it even to less advanced Spanish learners. It's also short! Published by Thriftbooks. I was going to write this review in Spanish, but, all the other ones are in English, so I will play along God, I never get tired of reading that passage, it is the best, my favorite in the world.

Loved the rest of the book. Ps: For the lawyers: The above passage is copyrighted, blah, not mine, yours, blah. Excellent play at an excellent price Published by Thriftbooks. This play is a hidden gem. Calderon has written a classic comedy that follows the formula but ventures into classic philosophy as well: what is our life? Is it real?


Is it a dream? If it is a dream, how then should we live our lives?

Pedro Calderón de la Barca

This is the center of Oedipus Rex, with its fate versus free will theme, and Calderon explores it with humor and compassion. The Dover edition is inexpensive but doesn't cut corners, making it perfect for college students. I highly recommend it! To be or not to be maybe is one of the most famous quotation.


Forget a spoiled prince too obssesed with his mother. Forget a maid who needs a therapy and soon. We have Segismundo and Rosaura. A brave, drop dead gorgeous dark hero and a resourceful, witty, inteligent heroine. You will laugh, you will cry. You have romance, sword-fighting-cross-star lovers, intrigue, foreign policy. All in one.

No Hay Burlas Con El Amor

Seriously, this is the best play ever written. You can enjoy only the story or find a real interpretation of Spain under the Habsburgs. But also a search for identity. Try it and you forget Dennmark. And if you can read it in Spanish. Maybe is hard but it will worth. Fascinating tale of humanity and cruelty, dreams and reality Published by Thriftbooks. This play by Pedro Calderon is one of the treasures of Spanish literature. From the golden age of hispanic civilisation comes this tale of a country in turmoil, the mistreated prince at the heart of it all, and a mysterious woman who brings order out of chaos. Corrections Libraries.

ThriftBooks sells millions of used books at the lowest everyday prices. We personally assess every book's quality and offer rare, out-of-print treasures. Iberica, 31 New York: Peter Lang. ISBN This, as few scholarly books may claim to be, is a work of love, born of a profound regard for the sacrality of marriage and its liberating potential for the human individual.

Over its four hundred pages, O'Connor sets out what the Spanish Comedia could teach its audiences as regards the nature of marriage; and he does this by setting the Comedia's dramatic praxis against the theoretical debates that raged particularly at the end of the seventeenth century over the licitness of different types of dramatic representation and of their setting.

The work is divided into two parts. The first offers a taxonomy of the criticism levelled and abuse thrown at the theatre by its opponents: on one level, through the topics they aimed their fire at for example, actresses were really prostitutes, plays encouraged licentiousness, and theatres gave opportunities for illicit meetings ; on another, through the political significance of the campaign to have theatre banned; and finally, through the attitudes taken in general by members of religious orders to the question of theatrical licitness.

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The second part provides an analysis of works by major literary figures Lope, Salazar y Torres, Sor Juana, Calderon, Cervantes the Quixote , Tirso which illustrate the fundamental precepts on which the codigos de amor and de honor function. In this section most notable are the discussions of Calderon's wife-murder plays pp. The underlying presuppositions in the analysis of love and honour are provided by O'Connor's own threefold division of love and honour into three states: immature, in that it is constantly under threat; mature, in that it is assured and altruistic; degenerate, for which Tirso's don Juan is the best example.