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Yet, in some cases, people don't believe the proof, particularly if it is a disappointingly simple explanation, lacking a dash of exotica.

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Books and TV shows may still look for clues to a "mystery" that really isn't there. But you don't have to always fall for them: Here are 9 former unsolved mysteries for which we now have a solution. You're welcome.

25 Mysteries That Remain Unsolved, Unexplained, & Unsettling |

Cooper still alive? Myth Unexplained Phenomena.

5 Historical Mysteries That Have Left Experts Stumped

Start the Countdown. He added that besides not knowing when these volcanic eruptions stopped occurring, we also don't know what caused them in the first place — whether they were triggered by a giant impact to the moon or if the moon is radioactive. Recent research has pointed out that moon rocks are rich in radioactive material like uranium, and a paper in Nature suggested that heat-producing elements like uranium, thorium and potassium are causing the lunar surface to expand and contract as it gets hotter and cooler.

The cracks on the surface caused by this process would have allowed for the lava to flow through them.


Hayne suggests that scientists need to revise their models of the moon's volcanic activity as most of them think that it stopped being active a long time ago, which may not be true — some scientists believe that the moon is still tectonically active. There is also debate over how old our moon is, with ages ranging from 4.

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According to Noble, scientists have attempted to estimate the moon's age by analyzing the lunar rocks brought back by Apollo and by trying to date when the craters formed on the lunar surface, but there has been no consensus thus far. However, Noble added, it's not just about determining the moon's age but rather figuring out the ages of other rocky bodies in the solar system such as Mercury or Mars.

Mysteries of India

Once we know the age of the moon, we can estimate the age of other planets by comparing the number of craters between the moon and Mars or Venus. The more craters there are on the surface, the older the rocky body is. Collecting as much information as we can from the moon will also eventually lead to a better understanding of other planetary objects in our solar system that we want to explore in the future. Amid an ongoing debate over whether we should return to the moon , lunar scientists reaffirm that it is absolutely necessary we do it for the sake of future space exploration and to learn more about our own planet. Hayne agreed. There's no substitute to having boots on the ground.

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