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They had as king over them the angel of the Abyss, whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon, and in Greek, Apollyon. Apollyon is no doubt the correct reading. As the initiate Mason goes through the 32 degrees of the Scottish Rite, he surrenders his soul to the satanic occult and pursues blood sacrifice rituals. As the member progresses to the 17th degree, the Masons claim that a password will permit entrance at the judgment day to the Judeo-Masonic deity, the Great Architect of the Universe.

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On January 20, , almost 8 months before the attacks, President George W. We know the race is not to the swift nor the battle to the strong. Do you not think an angel rides in the whirlwind and directs this storm? This work continues, the story goes on, and an angel still rise in the whirlwind and directs this storm.

Bush, First Inaugural Address , January 20, What angel was President George W. Bush invoking? To the ignorant it may sound pretty, but to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, it means just one thing, occultism. The following curiosities are sculptures from Rudolph Steiner from being compared to the face in the smoke on the towers.

See Wikipedia Article on Angra Mainyu. Rudolf Steiner — , the initiator of the Anthroposophical movement, published detailed and elaborate studies on Ahriman, a spiritual entity whom the author associates with materialism. Ahriman fulfills the role of influencing and undermining events which occur in contemporary society.

Steiner writes that Ahriman can be considered to be the same spiritual being as the Satan of the Bible; he differentiated both of these from Lucifer, the tempter, and the demon Mephistopheles. Rudolf Steiner was an Austrian Rosicrucian, occultist Satanist , philosopher, mysticist and esotericist, architect, author and sculptor.

During his life Steiner spent a great amount of time creating what is known today as the Anthroposophical Secret Society. One of his main practices was consulting spiritual dark forces to ask for instructions for the future. The similarities between this sculpture, the head of the Ahriman and some of the images of the attacks are really impressive.

Who were these spiritual beings or entities that Steiner consulted? Was Rudolf Steiner consulting evil spirits to try to look into the future? Obviously yes, Steiner was invoking Satan himself with one simple purpose. According to the anonymous author of the book Light-bearers of Darkness , the spiritual forces that Steiner consulted had the common goal of pushing the world forward, in a direction that eventually would lead to a World Revolution and finally World Domination.

If you think the image above showing the North Tower collapsing is a Photoshop, I strongly recommend you to watch the next video. The image starts to take shape at minute 2. For better appreciation, when you get to minute 2. Pay close attention to the video, the figure will start taking shape around minute 2. Obviously, this demonic distorted and counterfeit theology has nothing to do with Jesus Christ and his gospel. It is more of the ancient effort to demonize the holy character of Jesus the Son of God.

He goes on explaining the meaning of the numbers 9 and Carved out of wood, it stands about 24 feet high and it was created sometime between and Rudolf Steiner Web portal. The fact that after the attacks, a ritual to the All-Seeing Eye Lucifer was performed on Ground Zero, makes the whole thing even more strange and suspicious. The event was televised on CBS and the next video shows part of the ritual. Bush continues to sit in front of the class listening to the reading for an additional seven minutes.

Some authorities hold that the Baphomet was a monstrous head, others that it was a demon in the form of a goat. While the movie has no dialogue, each symbol tells a piece of a story that covers the fields of history, politics, occult conspiracies and spirituality.

Produced by the Canadian production crew Heliofant, I, Pet Goat II is a short animated movie that quickly went viral across the internet. Praised for its visual feats and its interesting imagery, the video however left many puzzled about the meaning of its symbolism. Politics, conspiracies and false flag operations are mixed with esoteric spirituality and occult symbolism in one big mesmerizing mind bender.

Right after, the group of children went on reading My Pet Goat. Pay close attention to the next video. In during and interview with Barbara Walters, Bush Senior was caught off guard with the question if he was a Christian. Bush and his son are Skulls and Bones members, a dark Masonic Society well know for their involvement in satanic ritualism. The following is a very interesting and suspicious Illuminati card game created by Steve Jackson and released during The original game is still being sold today in amazon. Another curiosity is in the Tarot Rider-Waite tarot deck.

If you observe this card carefully you will see a majestic crowned tower being struck by a lightning from the sky, the upper part of the tower opens up spitting fire and people start falling from it. Those who control the entertainment industry Hollywood enjoy showing us what they have planed for the future. This mind control process allows those who benefit from mass killing and murder to exercise control on the masses, facilitating the job for the New World Order agenda.


The following is a scene from the movie Terminator 2, released in The Masonic pyramid in the back of the U. If you have studied any of the works of art or monuments that were inspired by Judeo-Masonic teachings, you may already know that the number thirteen is constantly represented in various ways. The upper levels of the pyramid always refer to those hidden degrees. It is interesting to note that only two months earlier, Adam Weishaupt , a Jesuit of Jewish origin, founded the Order of the Illuminati.

According occultist and Kabbalist author Leonora Leet Ph. D, there are certain numbers of great importance in the kabbalistic Geometry. Talking about the occult Gematria of the Tetragramaton, Leonora Leet says:. Thus the first implication of this proportion is that the divine power conveyed through this Name can be said to function in a manner somehow analogous to that of the geometric mean, analogy, we remember, being characteristic of the geometric proportion. D, The Secret Doctrine of the Kabbalah , p.

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These 13 teachings are based on the endless writings of the Jewish Talmud. Consider when our children become bar mitzvah — at age 13 — an age of responsibility and celebration! God is described as having 13 merciful, caring, loving attributes. And the great Jewish philosopher Maimonides taught that in order to be a true Jew, one must embrace 13 foundations of Judaism.

The Seventh-day Adventist Organization is built around the 13th numerical symbolic pattern.

Manual Angel Amitiel Comes to Visit (Litl Messenger Series (Trademark) Book 4)

The fact that the main core of this religious institution Worship, Doctrines and Structure lingers around the number 13 is very interesting. This is how the Adventist church uses the symbolism of the number 13th in their rituals, doctrines and organizational pyramidal structure:. It is not a coincidence that the Masonic Cult of the Latter-day Saints Church Mormons , also subdivided their fundamental doctrines in 13 Articles of Faith.

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These cults are not based in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and their historical roots can be found in the Gnostic Kabbalah. Just like in Rabbinical Judaism, Judeo-Christian cults follow their own writings and prophets and their teachings are a mixture of all sorts of polluted doctrines commonly used in Judeo-Freemasonry. They are basically a third religion between Judaism and Christianity called Judeo-Christianism. According to Milton William Cooper, one of the most important ways to apply numerology in occultism is through World Governance and human control.

One example can be found within the Illuminati diabolical organization known as the Bilderberg Group. Any multiple of these numbers have special meaning to the Illuminati. Notice that the Bilderberg Group has a core of 39 members who are broken into 3 groups of 13 members in each group. Notice that the core of 39 answers to the 13 who make up the Policy Committee. You know that the original number of states in the United States of America was The Constitution has 7 articles and was signed by 39 members of the Constitutional Convention. According to missing Author Fritz Springmeier in his book Bloodlines of the Illuminati , there are also 13 Satanic Family bloodlines that supposedly controls the world affairs.

The following links should give you a good insight to each of these interesting families. One interesting story related to the number 13 was the arrest and killing of Jacques de Molay. There are many variants to the story. The most popular one says that on Friday 13, October , Jacques de Molay, Grand Master of the Knights Templar and sixty of his Templar brothers were arrested and charged with heresy. De Molay along with de Charney were slowly burned at the stake on March 18, after refusing all offers of pardon for retraction.

It says that just before de Molay died he pronounced a terrible curse against his enemies: Pope Clement V. The veracity of the story is obviously irrelevant. The point here is that the usage of such strange numerical value 13 along with the all-seeing eye, the pyramid, the phoenix and the six pointed star, somehow always connects to Judeo-Freemasonry, the Illuminati, the Kabbalah, the Knights Templar, Secret Societies and sorcery in general.

The 13th card of the Tarot is the card of Death, and is pictured as a skeleton symbol of death with a scythe reaping down men in a field of newly grown grass where young faces and heads appear cropping up on all sides. Is the number 13 an occult number? The evidence shows that the number is widely used by Occultists, Freemasons and secret societies in general. Can we call this superstition? Definitively YES! It is pure superstition and that is why political and religious entities use it.

These leaders are highly superstitious and for them the practice of occultism serves the purpose. How is it that the number 13 works?

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